Located at the headquarters and factory of PT Indofarma, Cibitung, Bekasi, on 18 March has been guest of Bio & Chemical World Pharm (BCWP) Korea to hold plant visit and business discussion. Received by the Director Djakfarudin Junus, guests of BCWP rose impressed with the condition of the plant environment but beautiful.

BCWP is a pharmaceutical company from Korea-based technology and development of pharmaceutical products. BCWP relying R&D as the spearhead of the company to innovate products. Some of the products include injectable dosage BCWP, production FDC, anti-cancer drug, antiviral, dan diabetes.

As presented by President Director BCWP Steve Hong, on the occasion that the arrival of BCWP to Indofarma is to explore the possibility of cooperation to generate business through cooperation potential collaboration in the field of pharmacy. BCWP previously been reviewing PT Indofarma as a pharmaceutical company that consistently apply current GMP in all production facilities.

Djakfarudin CEO Jonah suggested that PT Indofarma ready to cooperate with the BCWP in terms of research and product development, since BCWP very potent in producing innovative products.


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